Virtual learning teacher forum

Philip Bowman from ISB Bangkok recently connected with SENIA Hong Kong. Philip and his colleague Liz Pasquini have set up a discussion forum for learning support teachers during the school closure times. I have copied and pasted his message below. If you would like to be a part of the forum the link is in the message.

I hope you are all holding up as well as can be expected. I’m sorry to hear about everything going on right now and I can’t even imagine being in your shoes at the moment. To lend a hand, Liz Pasquini and I have created a discussion forum for all learning support teachers that are in virtual school environments… or facing the prospect of virtual school in the not so distant future.

Below is the link:

Share this with all learning support teachers in your network. The more people we have involved, the richer the discussions and the student learning.

Wishing you well during this challenging time,

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